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Here's an old dusty sack pic of me meeting my cousin Karl Daniels (Susquehanna High School 1966).  We were in Pleiku at this time.  Three weeks later Karl was in a field hospital with shrapnel wounds when his armored car was hit by a Viet Cong RPG round near Dak To, near Cambodia.  Karl still lives in Harrisburg.

This pic was taken in October of 1968...(me on left, Karl on right) - Bill

Bill Comrey and friend in Vietnam, 1968

Here's my "sandy" Penn State Nittany Lion I built for the City of Harrisburg during the Kipona Festival in 1997.  The sand sculpture was half completed at this time, and that's me on the right "posing" for this picture.... - Bill

Bill Comrey’s sand sculpture-1997

Jim Wagner lived on Brookwood Street, Harrisburg.  He was a Shop Teacher at either or both Edison and John Harris.  Although I never had him as an instructor, he was always working on his truck (as depicted on this 1987 pic) or working on his lawn and hedges.  I recognized him as a teacher and he recognized me as a student.  We had many great conversations in the 60s.  After I came home from San Francisco (1971) after my Army days, I only ran into him one time.  I was driving bye, and he was outside, so I turned around and talked to him for 30 minutes or so.  Even after being out of school for 15 years of so, he remembered me.  He was what I thought the best of the best teachers we had in the Harrisburg Schools.  I'm sure he's passed on by now.  He was a good humanitarian...  Bill Comrey

Bill Comrey, 1997

The Legends, 1965

The Legends, 1967

Clockwise from left, are Dave Hartman,

Dan Hartman,

Denny Woolridge and Ralph Schwartz

From left, are

Larry Swartzwelder,

Dan Hartman,

Denny Woolridge and Ralph Schwartz