If you are interested in participating with planning of the Class of 1966 activities,

please contact any of the members listed below for the time and location of the next meeting, or if you have any questions.  We welcome anyone interested in helping out.

Mike Davis                                545-4431        mdavis@millersinsurance.com

Pat Navagato                            541-0555         novavideo@aol.com

Bill Hamilton                              866-2273        wthamilton@comcast.net

Dimitri Zozos                             790-5569        dzozos@hbgsd.k12.pa.us

Norman Gaines                (914) 428-6887        spiritof67@optonline.net

Tim Wright                                 671-9550        EclemusWright@comcast.net

Joyce Patterson                         234-9493        joyce.patterson1@navy.mil

Jim Leaman                               362-3825        bushwack50@comcast.net

Karen Kline   (Woolf)                                         kdkline@cvty.com

Jeannette Fogarty  (Bianchi)     766-1142        senorafog@aol.com

Paula Navagato                        652-8648         PaulaNavagato@aol.com

Mike Ferber                               566-6497        mferber1@verizon.net

Peggy Ferber  (Kostoff)            566-6497         pegferber@yahoo.com

Willie Burston                           566-0616          wburston@state.pa.us