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Many pictures, and some videos, were uploaded.

Click on the links below to view them.

Listed below are the names of

John Harris classmates who

attended the picnic.

Althouse, Sue (Wert)

Applebury, Denny

Barbush, Ernie

Beckner, Gay (Wright)

Brady, Mary (Wagner)

Corkle, Connie (Cunningham)

Corkle, Cheryl (Cullen) '65

Dailey, Fred

Davis, Mike

Evans, Cheryl (Parrella)

Gaines, Norman

Hamilton, Bill

Holtzman, Ed

Jacobs, Apryl (Estright) ‘65

Jacobs, Cherianita (Thomas)

Jones, Anna (Hope)

Leaman, Jim

Miller, Ann

Miller, Linda (Lagyak)

Navagato, Pat

Parrella, Barney

Peterson, Paula (Navagato)

Purvis, Carol (Hamilton)

Rawls, Jesse

Ruth, Lydia (Gaines) ‘65

Sauerwine, Rich

Schaefer, Bill

Segal, Nate

Siedel, Jane (Leaman) ‘69

Smith, Charlene (Green)

Smith, Pam

Stine, Brent

Swanger, Jake (aka Lester)

Woods, Becky (Maurer)

Woll, Martha (Collins)

Woll, Mary (Taylor)

Wright, Tim

Zozos, Dimitri


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(photos from Paula Navagato)

Video  #1    The Raffle

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(photos from Bill Hamilton)

Video  #2     Karaoke

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